How To Deal With Hayfever

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Put your hands up if you are suffering from hayfever, right now? Summer is a great time of the year but for those hayfever sufferers, it is literally the worst time of the year. The constant running nose, itchy eyes, heat rash, itchy throat, ear aches and the list goes on. For today's post, I'm sharing my tips to deal with hayfever as much as possible during the Summer.

Start taking anti-histamines before Summer start so that your body gets used to it. I like to start taking my antihistamines during Spring when the pollen count isn't that bad, personally, I find that once start taking it earlier I don't get hayfever as bad as I would usually. 

Drink as much water as possible. I like to stay as hydrating as possible during this period especially as I find that my throat is constantly dry because it's so itchy. I tend to drink 800ml -1 litres a day but I'm slowly trying to drink a least 2 litres a day!

Try not to roll in the grass in the park. I remember when I did this, it was the worst mistake I have ever made honestly I had swollen eyes, itchy skin and a runny nose. I looked and felt absolutely terrible so I would not recommend it at all!

Purchase eye drops, nasal spray and a box of tissues. I'm telling you right now if there is one thing that you will take from reading this post it's to have an excess amount of this throughout your Summer. Eye drops are so necessary with the constant swollen and itchy eyes. A box of Kleenex tissues and a good nasal spray is perfect for your runny nose!

Use cucumbers when necessary for the swollen eyes. My eyes tend to get swollen quite a lot when my hayfever is bad so I like to use some cold cucumbers on my eyes to reduce the swelling but also it makes me feel incredibly fresh. This would be perfect on a spa day as well!

How do you deal with Hayfever?

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