June Fashion Wishlist

Friday, 2 June 2017

Welcome to my first post of June! Finally, a new month has arrived and with it being a new month that means it is time for a new monthly wishlist. 

At the moment, I am into ruffles, I just love the way they look especially during this Spring/Summer time. Also, I love how different look in many outfits especially some of the outfits that I have seen on Alicia Roddy hence why I've added some of them to my wishlist! 

Skincare in the summer for me is way more important than makeup. On days when the sun is beaming down hard, I tend to wear little to none makeup so it's all about a glowy face. I also opt for lightweight creams and oils for the hot time period; Clinique is the best bet for my type of skin. I have previously used the Clinique All About Eyes, Moisture Surge and Dramatically Different Cream which have worked wonders on my skin. With hayfever lurking around, using eye creams are essential to reduce the bags underneath my eyes. I have been interested in trying out the Origins face masks as everyone has raved about a lot and I am a sucker for a good facial mask.

I feel like the colour white is just necessary for fashion staples during the Summer period and this June I'd love to buy more white blouses/shirts which look sophisticated. A white blouse with a denim skirt would be a perfect combo for the type of weather at the moment. Sticking with the blue theme, as I mentioned in my An Ode to Dune post, this navy blue Dune clutch bag is a must! It's so gorgeous and will go with the majority of my outfits. 

Although I will probably be sweating off most of the makeup this Summer, there are two foundations that I have in mind. For the dewy, glow I'm looking at the Giorgio Armani foundation which has a vast amount of reviews. For the quick coverage on a daily basis, I'm looking at the Bobbi Brown foundation which I have tried before and loved the look! 

What is on your June wishlist? I hope that June treats you well!

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