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Monday, 12 June 2017

resistance banded lower home workouts

If this is your first time reading my blog, I am obsessed with fitness, it's practically all I talk about and I thoroughly enjoy it. Not many people enjoy the fitness world or working out or even have time to go to the gym, so for today's post I thought I'd combine two workouts for you to try at home which are effective and only take less than 25 minutes. I know that quite a lot of people are trying to tone up for the Summer period or holidays so I hope these help, I know that they have helped me. Just a quick disclaimer, I am not a qualified personal trainer(as of yet), I am just sharing exercises that have helped me firm, tone and grow my lower body whilst working on my stomach.

LOWER BODY WORKOUT (without resistance bands)
Complete 2 times (trust me your legs will shake)
- 1-2 minute rest per exercise

40 secs jumping squats
40 secs glute bridges
40 secs one leg glute bridges
40 secs sumo squats 
30 secs leg raises
30 secs ab bicycle
10 secs plank

LOWER BODY WORKOUT (with resistance bands)
Complete 3 times
- 30 secs -1-minute rest per exercise

40 secs resistance jumping squats
30 secs resistance banded normal squats (make sure your form is correct, make sure your knees don't go over your toes)
30 secs resistance banded glute bridges
30 secs resistance banded kickbacks
30 secs resistance banded monster walks (sounds weird, but effective! Put the resistance bands around your thighs near your knee caps and walk in a low squat form)
30 secs jumping jacks with resistance bands around ankles
30 secs mountain climbers

To see some of these exercises explained further, I'd suggest clicking on this Pinterest board and follow it! The resistance bands I use are from Amazon, there are loads of them for under £10.

Do any of you have resistance bands? What kind of workouts do you get up to?

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