Necessites Before Summer Sets In

Sunday, 4 June 2017

necessities before summer sets in, thatbellemakeup

The first day of Summer was only a couple of days ago and the weather has been beautiful at the moment, so it's time to make sure that you're ready for the Summer properly. 

Purchase loads of deodorant | Of course, this had to be the first thing on the list. Everyone is going to need endless amounts of deodorant this summer as the heat kicks in at full speed. I suggest purchasing deodorants like Mitcham, Sure or Dove as they have long lasting power and smell amazing. Also, have a spare deodorant in your bag once you've left your house, you never know when you might need it!

Buy a good shower gel | I love a good shower gel that smells sweet, fruity and fresh hence why I love to opt for the Original Source products as they are so good. The scents are organic; two of my favourites would have to be the Coconut and the Lemon. A good shower gel and a loofah should definitely be on your list this summer, especially after a long day!

Use exfoliating gloves | Exfoliating gloves are the best things ever, I think that they are one of the best time savers ever. Exfoliating is so much quicker and easy, just pop on two gloves and scrub to your heart's desires. I love exfoliating my skin especially around the Summer period as my skin looks incredibly glowy afterwards, so if you're wanting to wear denim shorts and look gorgeous, I'd suggest doing this step.

Use products with lemon or honey | These two natural products are amazing. Lemon and honey together are also associated with natural remedies to get rid of colds, but this summer I want you to use this two for your skin and you'll see a difference in your skin. Using a lemon, honey and brown sugar scrub (I know, I rave about them all the time) will leave your skin feeling clean, glowy and exceptionally smooth.

Buy the best highlighters in the game | Summer is the season to get out those collarbones and shoulders! You've got to let them shine, buy some of the best highlighters that you know of. A few suggestions would be Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop, Sleek Cleopatra and Mary Lou Manizer. Pop this on your shoulders with a brush and make them pop, your photos will be amazing!

Use bath oils | Even though it will be hot, the odd bath here and there will be good! To be honest, it's most likely that we will have the odd cold days so why not have a lukewarm bath? The Jo Malone bath oils would be a perfect choice to use in your bath, with the vast array of fragrances, the Jo Malone bath oils leave you feeling fresh, clean and calm! Perfect for a summer evening. 

Dry brushing your skin should become your best friend | I have spoken about dry brushing your skin before on this blog and I would definitely recommend that you do it! Dry brushing your skin before a shower and exfoliating in the shower will leave your skin feeling so supple, glowy and fresh!

What will you be doing before Summer finally kicks in?

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