10 Staple Exercises To Help Build Your Bum

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Since it's the summertime and more people love to work out in the heat, I thought I share some of the exercises that I live by in order to help growth, lift and tone your booty. These exercises have been used by me many times and they are incredibly effective. I have seen that incorporating these exercises into my leg days at the gym, I come out feeling great with a little booty pump but also have helped to build my bum. A little disclaimer before you continue reading, I am not a personal trainer, I am just sharing exercises that have helped me to grow my glutes!

1. Glute Bridges/Hip Thrusts
This exercise has many different names but the two that I know it as is glute bridges, I've loved doing this exercise to activate my glutes (bum) before I start my workout. They work your posterior muscles by improving your posture and spine. The way to this exercise is by lying on a floor, on a mat preferably as it supports your back, keep your knees bent at 90 degrees and thrusting your hips forward by driving the movement through your heels. Your form should be correct, ensure that there should be a bridge from the back of your shoulders to your knees. Once your hips are higher and forward, squeeze your bum at the top and then lower your hips back to the normal position. You can add a barbell on your hips or a resistance band around your thighs for more weight which will help to build your bum!

2. Donkey Kicks
I love doing this exercise as I can immediately feel it in my bum but the only way to feel this is by making sure that your form is correct! This exercise is completed by starting in a neutral position on all fours with your knees hip-width apart and hands under your shoulders. Please make sure that your neck and spine neutral. Keep your core tight and lift your leg, knee staying bent and keep the other leg on the floor and hinge at the hips. Use your booty to press your foot directly to the ceiling and squeeze your bum once you've reached the top. Ensure that your pelvis and working hip stays pointed towards the ground. Complete the same thing for the other leg and you'll definitely feel it after a couple of sets!

3. Squats
I know you were waiting for these, the most common way to build your bum! It is such a staple exercise that works your entire legs as well as your core. Now, before we get into the form, I am sure that many of you will probably believe that you have to squat low ALL the time but it's all dependent on your mobility which you can correct throw daily stretching and yoga activities. A squat can be done with using only bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells or cables and due to this variety of ways, it is important to ensure your form is correct so that you can perk up that bum! Stand with your feet a bit wider than shoulder-width apart, ensure that you're keeping a neutral spine through the entire movement. Unlock your hips and push your bum out as if you are going to sit down on a chair, keep your shoulders and spine straight as possible. Don't look down but look straight, once you have gone as far as you can go explode back up to the original position by driving your movement through your heels. Once you have driven up hinge your hips forward and squeeze your bum, this is to help grow your bum, when you really think about it, you are just thrusting the air hahahaa. 

4. Pulsing Squats 
Now, pulsing squats are the exact same from as normal squats but this time you're going to keep your butt low and pulse out the movement. You can do this for however long you want, you will feel in in your thighs and your glutes, that's how you'll know it's working! This exercise targets all areas of your lower body and it is a fantastic way to burn out your legs. To make this even more effective, I love to do this at the beginning of my workout as a way to activate my glutes or as a superset, I like to put a resistance band around my thighs. It burns like crazy, but I love the feeling!

5. Fire Hydrants 
This exercise makes me feel like I am a dog peeing on a wall, trust me you'll feel like this once you're completing this exercise! Just like the donkey kicks, assume your position on all fours on the floor with your hands underneath your shoulders, neutral spine and your knees hip-width apart. Raise your right thigh outwards with your knees bent to the side and return it back and continue on the same leg. After however many reps you want to complete, do the same thing on the other leg.

6. Stationary Lunges
I absolutely love stationary lunges, I think they are amazing and extremely effective. Now the title explains the whole exercise, you don't need to move anywhere! Begin in a normal standing position with your feet hip-width apart, take a large (not too large that you are wobbling all over the place) step forward with your right leg and keep your other leg behind. Keep your other leg lower, nearly at the floor but not touching the floor, at 90 degrees so that both legs are bent. Return back to the normal position and complete the same move on the other leg. Keep your torso upright and spine neutral. This targets your glutes and thighs immediately. I usually complete this exercise by doing it with dumbbells or a weighted barbell to make the bum grow more and to challenge myself harder.

8. Monster Walks with a resistance band
I love to do these exercises, again, as an activation exercise as they really fire up my glutes. The name sounds weird, I know but they work wonders. Now, you will need a resistance band for this exercise which you can easily purchase on Amazon for less than £10. Place the resistance band around your ankles, I'd suggest a medium to heavy resistance band. Assume your squat position again and slowly start walking forwards or backwards, you feel this immediately in your thighs and glutes especially if you stay low. 

9. Cable kickbacks/resistance banded kickbacks
Out of all the exercises, I have listed this probably has to be my favourite. I love completing this exercises as other some of the other exercises like the donkey kicks, fire hydrants and lunges, it allows me to isolate my glutes and work harder on each leg. Cable kickbacks can only be completed in a gym setting as you will need the cable machine, the way to complete this is kind of like a donkey kick movement. Place the cable attachment on your ankle, lean forward so that you are parallel to the floor and hold on to the machine to ensure that you keep your form correct. Keep you standing leg bent and the weight on your toes. Tuck your knee forward in your starting position towards the machine and when you are extending out, kick up and out by extending your leg. Robin Gallant explains it as kicking a box along the floor. Once you've reached the top, squeeze your bum at the top!  Once returning back, bend your knee into the starting position. You can do this with a resistance band as well! 
10. Jumping Squats 
Jumping squats, oh they burn so so so much, but they are effective. Keep the same form as you would for a normal squat but this time jump up and return back to the normal position. Make sure that your knees don't go over your toes too much and keep your spine neutral. To make this even harder and so that you can feel it in your bum when coming back down to the normal squat position pulse it out 3 times and then jump up again. To make this more harder (yes I know, but I am telling you it works) add a resistance band on your legs and complete the jumping squats normally! It will feel great! Remember to keep that form!

Before you go, I just want to say that all of these exercises explained and listed above have been used by me and are still used by me till this day. I have seen a huge growth in my glutes as well as my thighs ever since incoportating these exercises into my workouts which I will be talking more about in a future post! These exercises will help to build, firm and perk up your bum but it is also important to improve on your diet and eat more healthy foods! This has definitely helped me to improve my glutes so you will see an even bigger impact on your the size of your booty if you eat more! 

To see some of these exercises on video, I'd suggest watching Robin Gallant's Grow Your Butt video, follow GraceFitUK , KrissyCela and SteffitUK!

What are your staples exercises to help build, lift or tone your bum?

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