Apps That I Am Obsessed With

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Apps That I Am Obsessed With

I know that I am not the only person that is obsessed with their phone, I mean I actually don't think I am that bad or maybe I am. I can spend hours without going on my phone (I think). So since I am not the only person, I thought I'd share some of the apps that I am currently obsessed with at the moment.

Instagram | Now this one is the debatable app at the moment, as it is fair to say that the new disorganised algorithm is messed everyone up. I'm slowly trying to adapt to it but it's hard but other than that I still spend most of my time on it scrolling through endless Instagram pages and getting loads of fashion inspiration. It's a dangerous app as I always find myself screenshotting outfits and ending up purchasing them. 

Twitter | Whenever I need a little pick me up, I always find myself scrolling through my timeline and going through some of my favourite people on there. There’s always a hilarious meme to laugh at every day and every hour. I think the one thing that I will definitely miss would have to be Grace’s commentary every time Love Island was on, it was hilarious.

Pinterest | The app of home décor goals, this is where I get all my inspiration from and spend a long time scrolling through. I have quite a few photos saved of some ideas that I have, I also love to look at the DIY home décor side. There’s a lot of inspiration for everything on Pinterest whether it’s fitness, makeup or fashion – especially fashion. To follow me on there, so that I can scroll through more boards, scroll down to the bottom and follow me! 

Adobe Photoshop Express | I think this has to be my favourite app at the moment and will definitely be included in this months favourites. I have been using this a lot for editing my Instagram photos on the go and it’s incredibly helpful, I don’t have Photoshop on my desktop and the fact that I am able to edit in one of the best editing software there are on my phone is great. My photos have got a bit better, if I do say so myself – inserts a cheeky promo.

iPhone Calendar | Does this count as an app? Yes? I have loved using this to plan some upcoming events as well as any blog posts that I may forget to schedule etc. The reason as to why it is in this post is because I never used to use this before but this year I decided to use it more and I love it! Don't put this in your "irrelevant" folder or even delete it off your phone, use it, it is amazing!

Netflix | Netflix is just absolutely great, I’m constantly finding new episodes to watch. I kind of think it’s bad that I have it on my phone, as I can spend such a long time on my phone engrossed in programmes. I have just finished off watching Suits, now it is time to watching Season 7. At the moment, I want to watch Prison Break, Narcos and Imperial Dreams. What Netflix series would you recommend to watch?

HypeType | This month, I have been obsessed with using HypeType to promote my blog posts on my Instagram story. The app allows you to post any photo and use a designed motion typography to make your animated posts look pretty! I love it and I think it's different!

What apps are you currently obsessed with?

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