July's To Do List

Monday, 3 July 2017

july to do list

It's officially July, I am glad that June is over, I have been waiting for that month to be over for a while. Seeing as it is a new month, it is time to make a fresh new monthly to-do list:

1. Blog more than 13 times this month - on average per month, I post around 5-9 blog posts a month, which is ok but I want to do better!

2. Post more Instagram photos and improve my photography while I am at it.

3. Try to join a personal training course - I really want to further my fitness knowledge and try out a personal training course that is affordable!

4. Buy more makeup, I need to venture out and try out more makeup as well as skincare. I'm used to the same brands and I'd love to try more. At the moment, I want to try out Guerlain, Colourpop and Illamasqua for makeup. Skincare wise, I can't wait for Glossier to come out and I'd love to try more brands! Any recs?!

5. Visit places I have never been to before - Similarly to my desire to purchase more makeup, I'd love to visit places I have never been to and try foods I haven't before.

6. Purchase some new gym gear, today Gymshark have a 50% off sale, I'd love to purchase some outfits but the bank balance says no. I'd also love to try out Fabletics.

7. Embrace my love for fashion on my blog - as I recently mentioned on my Why I Did Start Blogging Post, I'd love to post more fashion lookbooks on my blog.You'll definitely be seeing a few fashion posts in the upcoming weeks.

What is on your July To Do List?

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