Monthly Review: July

Monday, 31 July 2017

July is finally over and we are about to head in to August. For me, July was quite a relaxed month but I was working quite hard on my blog and this upcoming month of August I will be daily blogging every single day up until 31st. My blogging game is about to go up a notch and I hope that many of you enjoy reading the content that I have in store, anyhoo, time to get in to some things that I have been loving this month.

Just like in the month of June, I haven’t makeup that much, I have worn makeup twice this month and I have been loving my skincare routine at the moment. This month, I have been using avocado oil to moisturise my skin which leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft, hydrated and moisturised. Afterwards, I love to use my Vitamin E Spray to tone my face and on some days where it is quite hot – it is definitely a great go-to.

I have been spending a lot of month catching up on TV programmes like Scandal and The Blacklist. Two of the many programmes that I have been obsessed with this month, more of which will be in an upcoming post. Like every month, there is new albums and singles being released and I think it is safe to say that this month that Wild Thoughts has been playing a lot in everyone’s ears. I have been loving DJ Khaled’s album as well as SZA’s Album – I’d defo recommend the two.

Since we are still on TV and music, might as well head over to our phones. I have been loving a few accounts on Instagram this month such as Lissy, Nakita Johnson, NiaTheLight and LydiaEliseMillen. Which brings me on to the YouTube side, I have been loving Lydia’s vlogs and some of her wedding videos. Also, I think that the wedding video from Samantha broke the Twitter world – she looked incredible and it was so emotional. Of course, I can’t forget about Victoria’s vlogs, you can tell how hard she works in her vlogs especially and I love watching them.

What are your favourites this month?

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