6 Things To Add To August's To Do List

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

August's To Do List - Thatbellemakeup

It's now the beginning of August, one more month until the colder seasons are upon but to be fair it is already feeling like Autumn with the small doses of sunlight here and there. Regardless, as it is a new month, it is time for a new to-do list this month!

Blog more | This month, I will be daily blogging every single day up until August 31st, I hope that I will stick to it as I already have 10 blog posts scheduled. My blog posts are all planned, so I do think that this month it will work out. I am excited about the upcoming content, I hope you all love it too

Read more | I used to be a massive bookworm, but I have taken a back seat in reading books, but this month I want that to change. I miss my hunger, so recommend a few books for me to read. I am into anything with a really good story line except romance - oops. I have been into podcasts recently, which is unlike me, but I have been loving Meghan Rienk's Don't Blame Me podcasts - she has been one of my favourite Youtubers for a while and never fails to make me laugh.

Skincare | As we all know by know I am a skincare junkie, but I recently discovered a lot of skincare brands that I haven't heard of with good reviews. I would love to try out Farmacybeauty, Anese, Glossier, and Crude  It's all about the skin before the makeup, gals.

Interior Design | I am looking to change a few things around and implement my ideas more around. I'm in love with interior design but I need to look at purchasing a few things, using Pinterest to do some DIY projects would be amazing.

Fashion | I love trainers, I need to buy a load more of trainers in my life, I have a few on my wishlist so I need to purchase them this month, especially from Puma and Nike! Perfect with any outfit. As well as this, I am looking to post more fashion posts on my blog as well as Instagram. Fashion has to be one of my biggest loves and I'd love to post a few of my posts. 

Technology | I desperately need a new camera, so I need to be spending my August nights researching on the perfect camera for myself - blog wise and leisure wise. Any recommendations for the perfect camera and lens in your opinion?

What is on your August to-do list? I hope August treats you well!

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