A Friday Night Pamper

Friday, 18 August 2017

a pamper night

I like to take part in a pamper night at least once a week...

I don't tend to associate a  Friday night with a pamper night, I usually associate it with a Sunday but then I thought I don't go out every Friday so why not pamper yourself? Pampering, taking care of yourself is so important for yourself. The majority of the time, we are running around and not having enough time just to sit down and relax. Hence, why you should partake in a pamper evening tonight.


Buy yourself the best skin care products that you would like to use or are your favourites. To take off my makeup, I'd use the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm which is a gentle, calming, effective balm that takes off your makeup without being too vigorous on the skin or reaction. Using a soft muslin cloth or a flannel like one from The White Company to take off the balm. I like to put on a mask usually from Superdrug as their masks are inexpensive and work wonders. Other masks that would be recommendable would be the new Origins Sheet Masks and The Body Shop Masks. Whilst this mask is on my face, I'd either sit in a warm bath whilst watching a film or listening to calming music or watch a YouTube video. After taking off my mask, I like to use natural oils to moisturise my skin as well as hydrate it. I like to use a small amount of avocado oil on my face and spend time massaging that in to my skin. Afterwards, I like to use a facial oil like the Skin Chemists Rose Quartz Facial Oil or I go straight in to my toning with my Vitamin E Facial Spray. At the moment, I have been using the Avene Thermal Spring Water which I talked about last week!


On pamper nights, I'd love to indulge in a pizza which sometimes I do but other times I'd purchase some fish and chips or a kebab (i love kebabs). I'd definitely buy some chocolate, of course, Twirl Bites by Cadbury would have to be my absolute favourites! I do have semi-healthy snacks like crackers, or apples and peanut butter and a few packets of crisps. It really all depends on what I am feeling. Of course, I can not miss out the Sweet and Salted popcorn from Metcafe!!


The other important part of the night, on nights like this I like to watch comedies I tend to always watch Kevin Hart or Bad Boys or Rush Hour. Other times, I'll end up watching action films I've never really been a romance film type of gal, I don't know why. During this time, I'm usually snuggled up in a cosy blanket with my favourite pj's from ASOS. You know I'm snacking throughout this whole film. If I'm not watching a film, I'll be on Netflix either catching up on my latest tv series or finding new ones.

What do you do on a Friday night? Do you ever do pamper nights on Friday?

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a friday pamper night

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