Avene Facial Spray Review

Monday, 7 August 2017

Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water Review

I am addicted to facial sprays.

There is something about facial sprays that I always found myself drawn to. They are super calming and effective, for a few years now I have been using the Vitamin E Facial Toning Spray which is incredible. I don't go days without using it but of recent, I wanted to get more into French pharmacy as I had a great experience with Caudalie's skin care. So I went for Avene, I wanted to start off small as I have sensitive skin and here's what I thought......

The bottle was definitely different from what I am used to, but I like it. It reminded me of a deodorant bottle - random I know. The Avene Eau Thermal Water comes in different sizes which are perfect for holidays or weekends away or even in your bag. I got the 50ml sized bottle as I didn't want to get a huge bottle and end up not liking the product, but....I love it! The Avene Eau Thermal Spring Water has Avene Aqua (Spring Water) and Nitrogen in it - two ingredients which are effective. The Avene Thermal Spring Water is one of the brands best sellers and I can understand why:

Firstly, it is perfect for hypersensitive, allergic and irritated skin. Using this on top of your daily moisturiser leaves your skin feel completely refreshed and soft. It is perfect for those unbelievably hot, sunny days for cooling your skin down. The bottle is metal so it keeps it nice and cool. It's a great way to settle and lock in your makeup afterwards, I love using this to do so at the moment. For any irritated bites - this is a perfect go-to.

Ever since introducing this into my daily cleansing routine, I have seen a difference in my skin as it feels softer and looks glowy. I am glad that this spray worked with my sensitive skin and I can't wait to try more of the Avene skin care range.

Have you tried any Avene products? What is your favourite French pharmacy?

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