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Friday, 4 August 2017

I previously spoke about in my 6 Things To Add August’s To List post, I’d love to read more. I used to be an avid bookworm, reading on a daily basis with new books each week and a book before I’d go to bed. As years went on I fell out of love with books, but I miss being able to escape into another person’s world, so it’s time to think of some books to read.

Personally, I am into any type of books that have a great storyline however I am not a fan of romance – I know, weird right? The last book I read would have to be A Little Life which I haven’t even finished, but I am looking to finish it in the upcoming weeks. A Little Life is a really good read but it is quite sad and triggering, so I wouldn’t recommend this for EVERYONE. At the moment, I have one book on my book list to read which is titled While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green. The book is in the thriller genre which happens to be one of my favourite genre of films but I don’t seem to like it that much in books – another weird fact about me.

Book Wishlist - Linda Green, A Little Life

On my wishlist this month, I am really into motivational, self help books for a day to day basis read. I have always been a sucker for good talks as well as motivational speeches, so when I heard about You Are A Badass, I instantly fell in love so it’s time to get that on my book shelf. Another motivational book worth mentioning would have to be Get Your Sh*t Together which seems like an honest, brutal yet uplifting way to make yourself feel better. Let’s be honest, the title is intriguing.

The next book is due to be release in the next upcoming weeks, but the reviews sound amazing so why not? The Kite Runner is a moving fiction about this young illiterate Afghan boy, such books are amazing to read and I like to books that are quite moving – it makes me not want to put it down. 

What is on your book wish list? Are any of you a bookworm?

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