How To Generate Blog Post Ideas

Thursday, 3 August 2017

stabilo pens - how to generate blog post ideas

Generating blog post ideas can be quite hard and there are many times that we hit writers block, but it’s all about bouncing back – yes, Big Sean. So for today’s post, I thought I’d share ways how I generate my blog post ideas.

how to generate blog post ideas
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Scrolling through Pinterest enables so many ideas which sounds weird as it is primarily a photo based app but just one photo can open many ideas. It would be worth setting up a Pinterest group with some few bloggers where you can share photos which could help you through your writers block. Scrolling through Instagram is another way to generate some blog ideas, I love spending some of time going through my explore page. That page has many different accounts ranging from comedy to fashion and a lot of the time especially in the early hours of the morning I find myself adding some ideas to my list. Another way to get more blog posts ideas is through YouTube, many of the videos could help you to think of more ideas for example if you watching a “July Favourites” you could probably write the same thing but title it differently or add your own uniqueness to the blog post. A lot of the time, it is easy to get inspiration from other people’s blog where you could credit them in your blog ideas.

Another way to generate ideas is through daily outings, sometimes just going to the supermarket or shopping could provide you with some ideas. Maybe going shopping could make you write a blog haul or going to the supermarket could make you write a blog post on “Essentials Under £20”. Sometimes you friends could help you as well, I sometimes find myself asking my friends for a few questions on blog post ideas – friends are amazing.

I find myself accumulating many journals and loads of paper where I spend time in my room looking around for ideas on posts. I like to take out many products and put them around my room, like a kind of blank canvas idea and work my way through. Or I spend some time without my laptop or phone and write down many ideas or topics that I would to talk about. On many occasions, I don’t always plan my posts, sometimes I just write what I feel like. For example, my blog post on “You Should Never Give Up” was because that day I was feeling unmotivated and felt put down, so I decided to share it with others.

How do you generate blog post ideas?

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