How To Stay Organised With Your Blog

Saturday, 5 August 2017

how to stay organised with your blog

As many of you have realised, I decided to daily blog throughout the month of August as I had a desire to do so and wanted to do a whole month of blogging like I would do in December for Blogmas. In terms of being a blogger, especially if you are a full-time blogger it bows down to organisation. Organisation is key, I am not a full-time blogger more part time but throughout the 2 years I have been blogging especially the beginning of this year, I have made organisation a key factor in managing my blog which has benefited me immensely.

Buy yourself a journal/notebook/diary

Purchase a notebook that allows you to write down as many ideas as possible for blog posts, Instagram photos or Pinterest posts. In this notebook, I like to write a few blog posts ideas – I also like to write about what I would like to include in the post and how I would like my photos to look. I also like to include Instagram photos in here as well, such as what photos I’d like to post and fit it around my schedule. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t also stick to an Instagram schedule but I try so hard to. The good thing about having a journal, I am able to cross out anything and change it whenever I want. Also, I can decorate the inside and make it as fancy as I want to.

Plan your blog posts via a monthly basis

At the end of each month, I like to spend a couple of days planning the upcoming month worth of blog posts. Obviously, there are many things in life that do cross over with writing down posts, but I try as much as I can to stay organised with blogging. For example, in the month of July I spent the last two weeks writing down daily blog posts alongside a few Instagram photos that I wanted to feature.

how to stay organised with your blog

Use a reminder/to-do list app on your phone

Most of the time I don’t have enough time to spend in a week writing down blog posts but I usually do everything on the weekend. So in order to make sure that I don’t miss anything out in terms of tasks to do for my blog, I like to spend most of my weekend planning which brings me on to bulk photo taking.

Take photos in bulk

On my weekends, especially on a Sunday. I like to spend most of my morning and early afternoon where the Sun is bright to take Instagram photos and blog photos. If the weekend ahead looks very busy and I know I won’t be able to take photos throughout the week, I aim to take photos that will last for at least 2 weeks. On the same day I like to edit some of the photos on my laptop, but Instagram wise I always like to edit my photos on Adobe Photoshop Express on my phone.

Schedule your posts and tweets

It was only until May, I realised that my Blogger settings were not correct hence why I couldn’t schedule my posts so I had to manually post my posts up – moral of the short story is, check that your settings are correct. I like to schedule some of my posts throughout the week but more importantly my tweets via Buffer. This is the best app for scheduling tweets – I like to use this to increase the traffic and make sure that my posts are available to everyone!

What are your tips on staying organised? Is it easy or hard for you?

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