Increasing Your Productivity

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

increasing your productivity

There are definitely days that I feel incredibly lazy, on days like this I just spend my time in a blanket with chocolate biscuits and Netflix. However, when I do have to do things and want to increase my productivity, I make sure I do these things so that I have a successful day. I find that these things don't just go for work days but in general, maybe you're planning to move out or revising for an important exam.

Remove anything distracting | If I want to have a good day, I like to sit in an area that isn't too distracting. I tend not to do anything in my bedroom as I am most likely to go in my bed and fall asleep, so I either head to the dining room table or even sometimes sit on my floor.

Put on music that will make you productive | This is obviously all dependent on your preference, I like to listen to calm songs from artists like SZA, Jhene Aiko or London Grammar. Most likely, I will end up singing along but at least I haven't stopped my work and started to break out dancing. I either have this playing out loud or in my headphones.  Or, don't put on music. Sometimes, I find that if I don't have on music I'm more productive. To be quite honest, it is all dependent on my mood that day. 

Listen to a Podcast | Recently, I've found that when I listen to podcast I am more productive. There are loads of podcasts to listen to which Rebecca listed on a blog post of hers, at the moment I am into Meghan Rienks' podcasts they make me laugh and I love the sound of her voice. I don't know what it is, I think it's the sound of someone talking to me makes me work more. That is so weird.

Make a to-do list | On the night before or the morning of, I like to take some time out to plan what I want/need to do for the rest of the day. In this I like to include timings, breaks and food (I like to track my meals to make sure I'm eating the right things - bulking). Other times in my to-do list I just briefly add what I need to do usually on the notes app on my iPhone. 

Clean your workspace area | Dirty, unclean places make me itch and if I am surrounding by clutter I will not be able to function, so before the tasks at hand start I have to make sure that the area that I am in is clean to my standards. By working in a dirty place, you'll most liekly be thinking about the dirt instead of the task that you need to complete whereas having a clean area to work increases productivity and efficiency. It's all about keeping a tidy mind! 

Have a snack on your side | I do love the odd snack here and there, when I am busy I tend to snack on something healthy as I find that once I dive into something like chocolate, I'll end up spending my time admiring and eating the chocolate rather than paying attention. A go-to snack for me would have to be apples and peanut butter, mm, have you tried it? I'd also recommend a banana or some crackers.

Drink loads of water | Of course, you knew that I was going to mention water! Keep at least a 1 litre bottle at your side, taking small sips each time. Water will obviously keep you extremely hyrdated, increases your blood flow so that you are not as tired and improving your concerntation. Your body is 75% of water so why not drink it and reduce any headaches?

Exercise! | This has to be the first thing that I do before a productive day, I find that if I have an early morning gym session I work much better! Exercises improves your state of mind, increase your energy, improves your concerntration and makes your memory even more sharper. Working out will definitely help to get through any amount of hard work you may have at hand. 

What do you to increase your productivity?

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