Makeup Products I Think Can Live Without

Thursday, 10 August 2017

If I was told to pick 4 items that I could probably live without, which ones could I pick?

I've always spoken about products that I love or always find myself restocking but I have never spoken about products that I (think) can live without. Wearing makeup is a luxurious feeling and as years have gone by I've found that on a daily basis there are only certain products that I find myself for. For today's post, I thought to myself if I was asked to pick 4 items which items could I live without?

Lipstick | I love lipsticks and a perfect brown nude is great for me but I could live without lipstick. But I can't live without my lip gloss hence why I'm always wearing my NYX butter gloss. I am a huge sucker for glossy lips. I love the idea of plumpy, full looking lips and lip glosses do just that! Now, would I like a liquid lipstick?

Eyeshadow | This one is definitely a maybe, as over the last couple of months I find myself wearing more eyeshadow than I would usually. I'm always opting for a blown out look or a muted brown look or just a bright inner corner highlight. However before that and still, I always find myself wearing liquid eyeliner. So between liquid eyeliner only and eyeshadow, maybe I'd pick the eyeliner but it's hard!

Primer | Primer became a huge thing in the last 5 years, especially on the YouTube front. I started to use primers a year ago and personally didn't see a need for it. Once I started using different primers, I didn't see much of a difference in the longevity of my makeup. Maybe I haven't found the right one? I prefer using a finishing spray and loose powder to set my makeup to ensure that it lasts all day. 

Fake Eyelashes | I love the look of false eyelashes and I think that they look absolutely gorgeous on - perfect luxury item. I find that I could live without this because I always purchase a lengthening mascara or sometimes opt for permanent individual eyelashes. I find that mascaras like Clinique High Impact, Benefit Roller Lash and Giorgio Armani would be a great purchase!

I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect primer, lipstick and brand of fake eyelashes. Maybe, these will turn in to products that I can't live without.

makeup products i think i can live withoutmakeup products i can live without

If someone asked you, what could you live without which makeup products would you pick?

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