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Monday, 14 August 2017

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my mid year lis

As everyone does, I made a blog post on my to-do list for 2017 and as a couple of months have gone by I thought I'd add and change a few things around!

01. This was the first thing on my other list and it still is till today, I definitely need to read more books, I miss it and I need to do a huge haul on this! Secondly, I said that this year I was going to exercise more and trust me, I have. I have been able to train at least 5 to 6 times per week and even if I don't manage to train every week, I'll do little at home workouts. Aside from myself, I have influenced and helped train others as well so that is definitely a bonus!

02. Write in a journal on a weekly basis - I haven't been able to do this! I think if I found the perfect journal like this one from Riffle Paper &Co , I'd more inclined to write in here on a daily basis. I think there's something about the design and feel of a journal that makes me want to read more! I said I was going to bake more and learn more recipes, I haven't done so this year as it has been quite a hectic year. I think this year alone I have only baked 6 times which might be a lot for others but I am used to baking 3 times every two weeks - my family have an obsession with my cakes. I do have a few pages marked in my Tanya Burr recipe book that I'll be doing! I did say I was going to learn more recipes however and I have, not just in baking but in cooking. I'd have to say cooking this year has been my favourite thing to do. At the moment, I am obsessed with Nadiya's Food Adventures.

03. Changing my skincare routine, I haven't changed my skincare routine as much but I have been using more natural oils in my routine which has definitely benefitted my skin immensely. Also, I have been trying out new skincare brands like Avene! Spending more time on myself has been one of the things I have definitely tried to make time for myself. Earlier this year, I had a massage which is absolutely luxurious, I definitely have to have another one before this time ends. I have also made sure that I spend a few hours to myself indulging in films, food and laughter - important for the soul!
I've always said some of the clothes that I love are quite quirky and different - I always feel like people would look at me weird if I wore something like this or like this. But this year, I've ventured out and couldn't care less. I definitely need to purchase more outfits that I love, PrettyLittleThing and Zara always have something quirky for me to wear!

I have definitely made sure that I have done things that I have loved doing and outside of my comfort zone. This year is not over yet and I have 4 more months to tick more things off my original 2017 to-do list.

What have you ticked off this year on your list? How many more things are you going to try and do before this year is over?

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