Natural Hair Essentials (Wash Day Edition)

Saturday, 19 August 2017

For those who don’t know washing natural hair is a huge workout which entails a shoulder workout, arm workout and even a semi leg workout. I love my natural hair and finding new products to put in my hair to help my hair grow whilst maintaining its healthiness. When it comes to wash days there are some essentials that I can’t live without…

A Tea Rinse | After washing my hair, I like to give my hair a tea rinse where I usually use either green tea or sage tea. I only started using teas in my hair a year ago and have seen a difference in my hair’s growth and thickness. Green tea contains caffeine which stimulates hair follicles and encourages growth. Green tea is perfect for fighting any dandruff, bacteria and any other problems in your hair. Sage tea is another tea rinse that I like to use which makes my hair shiner, brings moisture to my locks and stimulates hair growth. I have to do a tea rinse at least twice a month, massaging tea into my scalp has definitely helped deeply!

An Apple Cider Vinegar Wash | I remember when I was encouraged to do apple cider vinegar washes and my first reaction was “are you trying to burn my scalp?” however, it’s the complete opposite. Now, I don’t put apple cider vinegar in my hair each time I was my hair but when I feel like my hair is extremely dirty or I don’t feel like the shampoo did any justice, I like to spray this into my hair to make sure that my scalp is extra clean. It cleans your scalp effectively, it reduces any bacteria and helps with dandruff problems, also I have realised that it has provided me with lovely, shiny locks.

Conditioner | Of course, I need some conditioner in my life. At the moment, my the conditioner I am loving is from the new Garnier CoconutOil and Macadamia Conditioner which I talked about previously. I love the fact that it includes one of my staple oils that I like to put in my hair (I’ll share some of my favourite oils that I like to use). I like to deep conditioner my hair for around one hour especially if I have time and ensure that my hair is detangled. I have used a lot of conditioners in my lifetime but the one conditioner that I love and have to purchase more of is the Shea Moisture Coconut andHibiscus Conditioner (I have a thing for coconut). It worked so well and the shedding was absolutely minimal.

Clips | Personally, I can’t wash my hair as a whole, I have to wash my hair in sections and I use clips to make sure that washing my hair is so much easier. I did tell you, it is a workout on its own. On average I use around 6-7 clips in my hair, yes it is that thick and without the clips I feel like washing my hair would take days instead of hours.

What are the important essentials that you put into your wash days?

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