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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Summer time for me is a time to catch up on many of the television programmes that I have missed and I have been obsessed with.

I have been watching Power for a couple of years and it’s an obsession. The programme is about a guy who is a legal businessman but also has a huge drug business, he is a husband and father but once he gets in to contact with his childhood sweetheart, his whole world comes crashing down. It’s an addictive programme which raises my blood pressure!

I only started watching suits a couple of months ago and I really love it! As you’ll probably see most of the programmes I watch have something to do with the law – I don’t know why? The programme is about a guy who is not a lawyer but becomes a lawyer through illegal means but he is the good guy and the seasons include attempts to make him legitimate. It does sound a bit boring but the characters and the storyline make it a lot more interesting – I just don’t want to ruin it too much for you.

How To Get Away With Murder
The title of the programme explains the lot – how to get away with murder but this time, it’s how lawyers get away with murder. I know right, plot twist! I haven’t watch the latest season which I am very annoyed about but I will be catching asap! Shona Rhimes is amazing writer and always leaves me with wanting more from her programmes.

The Blacklist
I started watching this on Boxing Day when Sky gave free boxsets to their customers – thank you for feeding my television addiction! The Blacklist is a programme about a convicted blacklist felon who helps the FBI to arrest people who are on the Blacklist, in between this his relationship with on the of FBI detectives comes to light!

Oh scandal! Kerry Washington is honestly amazing in this programme, I just love the idea of this show. The programme is about a black woman who is working with her ‘friends’ to help people get justice and fix things in the city of Washington. Once she becomes close with the President of the United States, although she does find love, the programme takes a turn. I’d defo recommend watching this especially if you want to stay on the edge of your seat. I love the plot, I love the characters especially Huck!

The 100
This post-apocalyptic science fiction programme includes characters from many different ages and races. After a nuclear apocalypse ruins Earth, the remaining survivors are sent to Earth to find it habitable, they are met with some opposing obstacles and many of them are killed. The characters in this programme have me at their heart strings.
What programmes do I want to watch?

Even though, I do watch these Netflix series I still have a few more programmes to watch on my wishlist. I have been told that Prison Break is a really good programme as well as Game Of Thrones – 7 seasons to catch up on? Pffftttt, easy as pie. I also have to restart watching Marvel Agents of Shield, I watch two seasons but I haven’t finished watching the others especially the latest ones so it is time to watch it! 

What are your favourite TV programmes?

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