When The Blog Post Goes Up

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

when the blog post goes up

I've just posted a new blog post, what should I do?

There are many blog posts on blogging routines and how to generate blog post ideas but I've always wonder what do people do when their blog post goes up? Now, I don't mean shut the laptop, get some chocolate and watch Power (yes, I do that)  I mean how do they promote it and is it a part of their checklist? For today's blog post, I thought I'd tell you what I do when a new blog post goes up...

Schedule promotional tweets | I usually do this the night before as I spent the next day going through emails and writing my next post. To schedule tweets about my blog post(s), I use Buffer to schedule at least 5-6 at a time, it's such a good website which provides me with the number of link clicks and the potential of people that will see my post. In these promotional tweets, I include the link and photo (of course), what the blog post is on and I add in hashtags so that people see the posts. Tweeting blogger RT communities like @FemaleBloggerRT and @BBlogRT ensure that my tweets are seen by other people!

Put up an Instagram photo | After the blog post goes up, I like to post the photo of this on my Instagram (shameless plug central) so that my Instagram fam (cringe) know that there is a new blog post up! This is so that more people can see this, in this post I like to add in a fair bit of hashtags so that people can see these photos. The most common hashtags to use would be #bbloggers #beautyblogger #instabeauty #makeupcollection and #flatlayobsessed. 

Share it on Google+ | As I use Blogger, the minute my blog post goes up I am automatically given the opportunity to share my blog on Google+. When I don't do this, I feel like no-one can see the latest blog post so I make sure that this is one of the first things I do. 

Post my photo on Pinterest | This is something I am working on as sometimes I do forget to do this, I like to share my blog post and photo on my Pinterest. Pinterest is an amazing way to share your blog photos, show your interests and grow your traffic. It is literally the perfect website that makes your wish list longer than your arm! I'd suggest having a board on your blog that it title after your blog as well as sharing your blog post on different boards that you have created!

Share it on my Instagram story | After a while, maybe a couple of hours I like to share my blog post on my Instagram. If I like to make my blog post look fancy, I use HypeType to promote it but if not I just post it on my Instagram story. When I have done this, I like to tag some of the brands that I have included with a few fancy writing (people love fancy writing) and some different colours! 

What do you do when your blog post goes up?

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