A Jo Malone English Oak Hand and Arm Massage

Sunday, 10 September 2017

 A Jo Malone English Oak Hand and Arm Massage

My favourite fragrance is The English Oak & Redcurrant....

Jo Malone is a quintessential British perfume and scented candle brand who are known for their 'odd' fragrance combinations. For me, a Jo Malone purchase is always a treat and I love to buy a little something from there every now and again. I think that Jo Malone's complimentary hand and arm massage are a yearly treat for me as I did get a massage from them last year. I talked about my lovely treatment using the Wild Bluebell fragrance over on a blog post, but seeing as Jo Malone have released a new scent. I had to say yes to the hand and arm massage, I was sent a sample of the two fragrances and they smell absolutely divine.

A Jo Malone English Oak Hand and Arm Massage

Jo Malone offers hand and arm massage at nearly every boutique especially if you are about to get on a long haul flight at an airport. The massage is roughly 20 minutes long but definitely worth the short time. I also find that if you're being massaged by someone very kind and friendly you'll have one of the best time ever. Before the massage takes place, I was asked if I have any certain preferences in fragrances or if I own any Jo Malone products. I am at the moment in love with Blackberry & Bay so they combined this with my favourite scent of the new collection, The English Oak & Redcurrant. An odd pair but a lovely scent, I also tried out Nectarine Blossom and Honey with The English Oak & Hazelnut which smelt amazing. The nectarine complimented with the hazelnut really well, I think I might have to add them two on to my ever growing list at Jo Malone.

To accompany the release they had provided a special type of chocolate. The chocolate was from Rococo on Kings Road who are also known for their odd combination of certain ingredients, their chocolate combination included red pepper, cocoa and peppermint. A perfect combination between the two companies!

The Blackberry & Bay Hand and Body Wash was whisked in a small bottle to create lovely, warm, soft foaming bubbles which felt gentle on the skin. Such a little amount made a lot of product which showed that it is definitely worth the money. The wash felt made my skin feel very silky and brightened my arms instantly. To cleanse off the body wash, they used a hot Lime and Mandarin infused towel which felt luxurious. To moisturise my hand and arms, the Blackberry & Bay Body Creme was applied, the creme doesn't feel tacky but silky soft and provides lustre to the skin immediately as well as gentle shine. To finish off the massage, the English Oak and Redcurrant cologne was sprayed on my arms and softly pressed into my skin.

A Jo Malone English Oak Hand and Arm Massage

The English Oak release is a pleasant start to the beginning of Autumn and I love the vibe that it brings with it. I would definitely recommend the two scents to anyone who wants a new fragrance for the approaching Autumnal period. The English Oak and Redcurrant is quite a bright fragrance, perfect for the transitional period to Autumn as it includes mandarin and rose whereas the English Oak and Hazelnut immediately reminded me of being deep in Autumn/Winter. The fragrance is woody and spiced with roasted oak.

Have you tried out the English Oak scent? Have you ever had a hand and arm massage from Jo Malone? 

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