An Updated Skincare Routine

Friday, 1 September 2017

skincare routine with avene and oils

Since it's the first day of the month, I thought I'd share with you my updated skincare routine which seems to be working wonders and I am excited to see how my skin works with the changing season.

At the moment, I have been incorporating oils into my skincare and trying out new products. Skincare has and will always be a massive part of my everyday routines, I always find myself changing it and adding new products as I do get quite bored of using some products all the time.

The one thing that hasn't changed and the one product that I definitely don't get tired of using is my Clinique Facial Soap. This soap definitely works wonders on my skin and makes my skin feel clean after using it. I use this soap twice a day and wash it off using a flannel. At the moment, I have been using the Avene skincare which has worked well with my skincare routine. I use the Skin Recovery Cream* to combat any blemishes or irritations that I have on my skin to reduce it - it works very well. After using this, I usually use a small amount of avocado oil - I mean very small amount to apply it on my face. I find that at the moment avocado oil has given my a subtle glow, clean skin but also with the Avene products, it has worked to replenish my skin. If I don't use my avocado oil, I have been clinging to the Avene Hydrating Face Serum* which is very lightweight on the skin. I always have to use a spray after washing my face and at the moment I find myself going between two products. The Avene Thermal Spring Water, which I have spoken about in depth, is perfect for irritated skin. My skin feels very soft and glowy after using this water but also it was a perfect adjustment to my summer skincare routine. Another product that I can't seem to get enough of which has always been a part of my skincare as long as the Clinique Facial Soap is my beloved Vitamin E Facial Toning Spray. At the moment, I don't use a toner but I do use this spray after applying my skincare products for an extra freshness to my skin. I can definitely say that this toning spray has helped tone certain areas of my face which I am so happy about. This toning spray contains a multivitamin complex which has helped my dry skin!

What products do you like to use in your skincare routine? 
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