Topshop London Fashion Week: Soho

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

I always watch the Topshop Fashion Week every year....

I haven't gone to London Fashion Week yet but I will always find time to watch the livestream of Topshop's London Fashion Week. Topshop is an amazing brand with such great clothes and I do love the authencity of their style in clothing, it is definitely right up my alley. Watching their fashion weeks every year always gives me new outfit ideas and also makeup looks! So to see more of their stylish outfits, keep on scrolling...

Think Madame Jojo’s, the Revuebar

The Topshop Fashion Week was inspired by the streets of Soho. An energetic place in the West End filled with an electic mix of culture and nightlife. The outfits were definitely inspired by this with the choice of colours, dazzle and glitter. The girls that walked the runway were clothed with outfits that resembled the hustle and jazz of the Soho streets with the embellished dresses and the satin blazers. The choice of materials immediately mirrored the neon lights of Soho with the metallics, sliver, crystal and diamante palette. The aim of these outfits were to show that any girl can thrive on individuality which is definitely evident.

She thrives on individuality. And the music plays forever. 

The creative world of Soho is shown in these outfits with the everyday huge coats but also showed the nightlife side with the faux fur coats. What's not to love? The venue that it took place in was only a small distance away from London's iconic nightlife land. The choice of velvet and transparent blouses also shows how such outfits can be worn on an everyday basis, which I absolutely loved. This fashion show exemplifed the uniqueness and authencity of the Topshop brand as they played with personal styles on each Topshop girl. 

The Topshop girl's instinctive verve and personal style.

I think there are three words that stood out for me the most in the Topshop Fashion Week: coats, denim and trousers. I fell in love with the huge coats, the blazers and the faux-fur - each one of them looked absolutely perfect for the fast approaching Autumn and Winter time. Lest not forget the famous Topshop denim brand which made its appearance multiple times. The denim jackets are a must have for each season as they can be layered easily or not as well as their famous jeans. The new Orson slim jeans are the return of a new rigid denim. We also cannot forget to mention the two pairs of trousers that I immediately fell in love with, the pink pair of trousers would look perfect day or night especially in the Spring period. I can't forget about these beautiful cummerbund trousers which look perfect for any look you want to achieve! 

I love this new collection and have added a few bits to my wishlist. What about you, did you like this years collection? 
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*These photos were provided by Topshop (AW).

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