Did I Like The Ordinary Foundation?

Friday, 19 January 2018

It's so inexpensive!

It has been a very long time since I have bought a new foundation, especially a foundation that wasn't Clinique. At first, I was very apprehensive about buying it because of my sensitive skin but after the multiple reviews that I have read about The Ordinary, I knew that it was worth it....

The bottle comes as a pump which is so useful and easy to use on an everyday basis. The bottle is rather small, it's not a big bottle. I liked this because I was worried that I wouldn't like it so I'd probably feel bad if it was a big bottle. The foundation is in a plastic bottle and very portable. I have been using this foundation for over a month now and I love it. The foundation coverage is medium coverage which I love as sometimes I don't want a high coverage makeup look.

The Ordinary Foundation is available in 21 versatile shades and it is classified to each undertone which is unique to a brand's foundation. "R" for red, "Y" for yellow and "N" for neutral, therefore it's definitely worth knowing your undertone beforehand!

After applying it with either a beauty blender or a brush, in my opinion, I feel that the brush gives it a better finish. The finish is semi-matte with a subtle glow to it, it is very natural with a medium coverage. It does oxidise ever slightly after applied, but that's not a huge negative to the product. I have realised that after a while, my face gets a bit oily so a powder is necessary to keep by your side but that might just be me! After a day's worth of wearing it from 9-5, the foundation doesn't leave your face and stays ever so flawless on the skin. I'd definitely ensure that you have moisturised your face and used a moisturising primer before use as it's essential. I love that fact that it hasn't broken my skin out or led to any skin issues so it's a huge thumbs up from me. The fact that its less than £10 makes me want to purchase it again although I think it might be a while until I do as only 2 pumps is enough for a full face!

Have you tried the Ordinary Coverage Foundation?

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