A Week With Bobbi Brown's Skin Longwear Weightless Foundation

Friday, 9 February 2018

A Week With Bobbi Brown's Skin Longwear Weightless Foundation

My first impressions with Bobbi Brown's Skin Longwear Weightless Foundation........

Bobbi Brown is such a great beauty brand that is full of products that offer a range of beautiful quality whether that is in their foundations, skincare or eyeshadow palettes. After the whole issue with foundations and concealers, Bobbi Brown saved the day and bought out 30 shades for all skin tones and undertones of their new Skin Longwear Weightless Foundation. I was finally introduced to Bobbi Brown's products last year and instantly fell in love with their pressed powder. So, I definitely had to pick up a sample of this new foundation....

There are two main questions that you are probably asking yourselves about this foundation, which I am about to answer. 1 - is the foundation longwear? & 2 - is the foundation weightless. The answer to both questions is yes. My first impressions of this foundation were that it was definitely longwear, according to Bobbi Brown it is a 16-hour long foundation - I would agree to that. In the past week, I have worn this foundation for 16 hours on multiple occasions as the foundation stays the exact same after application. The foundation hardly moves after applying and can last all day long. Especially on days where I know, I will be busy, I love wearing a base that doesn't feel heavy on my skin and this foundation does just that! It is a waterproof foundation (yes, I have tested this) and doesn't budge in the rain (if you live in the UK and don't have an umbrella, you'll be happy to hear that). 

A little does a go a long way with this foundation, I've found that even less than a pump is enough for a full face of makeup (but that's very dependent on yourself). It does dry quite quickly so I would recommend blending in fast once applied to the skin. Due to this quick dry, it provides a beautiful, natural matte finish by controlling the oils and shine around those points on your face. Therefore, there is no necessary need for a lot of powder on your face. To apply this foundation, I have been using a buffing brush which I have found works so much better than a beauty blender with this foundation. The matte finish feels weightless and very comfortable after a long day whilst hardly creasing or moving. 

"Are you wearing foundation?"

As discussed before, I have sensitive skin so I am always apprehensive about using new foundations on my skin. This foundation so far has not had a negative effect on my skin and instantly provides me with an ever so natural coverage. Their foundation is great for those with normal to oily skin whilst providing a healthy glow!   On the days that I have worn this foundation I have been told that my makeup looks natural and it doesn't look like "I'm wearing any foundation". 

Am I going to buy the full version? Yes, I am because I have fallen in love with this foundation. It has given me such a beautiful, matte finish. 

Have you tried out the new Bobbi Brown foundation?

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