Beauty Habits I Want To Adopt

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

I saw this idea for a blog post on PintsizedBeauty and Beauty By Kelsey (two of my favourite bloggers, please go and give them a read). I thought it was a good idea as in my What's New In My Makeup Bag blog post, I mentioned trying out primers. This year, 2018, I definitely want to try out more makeup and new skincare routines.

Buy more than one thing
I don't have a huge makeup collection, I tend to buy one of the same thing. I'm not someone who has more than one foundation or more than one concealer. I tend to stick to the exact same products, this year especially I want to expand my makeup collection a bit more. I'd definitely like to have one of everything and try out brands that I have never tried out before. 

Don't be scared of eyeshadow
I don't usually wear eyeshadow, I am nearly always wearing liquid eyeliner. On days where I feel like wearing eyeshadow, I tend to go for the same shade and never venture out. I love watching YouTube videos on cut creases or just blended out eyeshadow but always have fear that I won't do it correctly or nice. 

Research more products
I know exactly what products work well for my skin, like Vitamin E and Clinique but I also tend to stay away from other skincare brands just because I have the fear that it will react with my sensitive skin. I would love to research and discover skincare brands that are perfect for sensitive skin but are also fragrance free. I think an intense session with a dermatologist is something I need!

Know what works well for blackheads
I have blackheads around my nose, which frustrates me a bit. I have used pore strips before (haven't worked), I do exfoliate my nose quite reguarly and it doesn't work. So I'd love to investigate and learn more about the treatment for blackheads. 

What beauty habits do you want to adopt?


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