My Gymwear Wishlist

Sunday, 11 February 2018

My Gymwear Wishlist

"I'm obsessed with gymwear"

Yesterday on my Instagram, I asked a few questions on my Insta story about fitness (if you want, could you please answer some of the questions). Once I started going to the gym, I only had one pair of leggings and an old t-shirt, after two years my collection is slowly growing and my obsession has blossomed. I'm now on the hunt for some more gym wear clothing as I've found that I don't have the essential bits and bobs.

The one thing that I have realised is that I don't have a gym bag (I know, what?). I'm on the hunt for a medium-ish sized gym bag for my frequent visits so this pink Nike Duffle bag is absolutely perfect for those days. The material of the bag is fit for any type of weather and as most of you know that means: rain. Aside from this, I am currently on the lookout for more gym bras that are incredibly comfortable to wear not just at the gym. This navy blue Nike sports bra looks like it might be the perfect fit, apparently it is designed for the toughest of workouts and on days where I want to jazz up my outfit this purple Sweaty Betty bra looks perfect too.

On to leggings (my absolute obsession). At the moment, I am totally in love with the new Ombre Gymshark leggings. They look amazing and they are part of the seamless range which has had many positive reviews. I currently only own two Gymshark leggings which are definitely worth it. The material is superb and almost sweatproof. For those who are worried about whether the material is squat proof? It definitely is. I am obsessed, I definitely need to expand my collection. Aside, from the Ombre leggings, I definitely want to try out their new Energy Seamless range too! I feel like the Nike training leggings is a staple, a must-have in everyone's collection and I want them too. I love the plain, sleek finish that they give to any gym outfit. 

As you can see, I prefer neutral colours to wear to the gym. I don't own many jumpers especially as the weather at the moment is rather cold. So I'm going to have to add a few jumpers to the list as well as long sleeve tops although, after a while, I tend to take them off due to sweating (ew, gross). I definitely want to try out crop tops as well, I think they flatter any gym outfit. 

I'm currently building up my trainers collection and to be honest, I am not very good at trainers but I am learning. I'm on the lookout for some good trainers especially for leg day and that are very comfortable as well as flat.

What is on your gymwear wishlist?


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